Anthony Bourdain Gets to Be on 'Archer'

Bourdain’s 'Bastard Chef' character revealed

Of all the perks that come with being Anthony Bourdain, we might be most jealous of the one where he gets to appear on his favorite TV shows, like FX Network’s animated spy show, Archer.

"I hung around the Archer parking lot until they gave me some work... stalker fan..." Bourdain posted on Facebook at the beginning of January.

"THIS. IS. HAPPENING," tweeted Helen Cho on Friday afternoon, along with a picture of an animated Bourdain talking into a giant cell phone and throwing side-eye at ISIS agents Lana Kane and Ray Gillette.

According to Grub Street, Bourdain gets to play the "Bastard Chef" in the episode, which according to the episode description will involve ISIS agents Archer, Lana, and Cyril going undercover "in celebrity chef Lance Casteau’s hellish kitchen."

Bourdain won’t even be the only food-world face in the kitchen adventure, as ISIS comptroller Cyril Figgis gets his looks from face model Stuart Fierman, who is really the director of operations for Atlanta’s Fifth Group Restaurants, and Hooters waitress Kynyetta Lester is the body model for superspy Lana Kane.

Kevin Gillespie also got a guest spot on the show. His face and voice (but not his body, he specified in a Twitter announcement) appeared in this week’s episode as a lingerie-wearing, protagonist-kidnapping S&M trucker in a scene described as "like some freaky parallel universe where John Waters directed the Road Warrior."


Bourdain’s episode, titled "Live and Let Dine," is scheduled to air Feb. 28.