Annette Joseph’s Playlist Picks

The Atlanta-based host shares her tips for picking music for your party


When hosting a gathering, adding a musical element in the background helps to make your guests feel comfortable. It’s also super easy to do — simply plug in your iPod into some speakers, turn on your iTunes on your computer, or even tune your TV to Pandora.

When constructing your party soundtrack(s), you should consider who your guests are and what kind of setting you want to create. Here are some of Joseph’s party favorites:


• Hosting an Italian Feast? Play a selection of classic Italian songs like Dean Martin's Mambo Italiano or Piero Umiliani's Crepuscolo sul mare. For something upbeat, put on some contemporary Italian music from artists like Eros Ramazzotti.

• Hosting a cocktail party? Stick with lounge-y music like Ultra-Lounge's Vol. 9 Cha-Cha de Amor.

• If you're hosting a themed party, let the theme guide your choice. For example, if you're hosting a Mad Men-themed Bridal Shower, put on timeless classics like Bobby Darin and Frank Sinatra

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