The Angels' Share: A Movie About Whiskey, Talent, Fun and Luck

Scotch and hijinks? This Cannes winner is not to miss

The Angel's Share movie review.

"A heart-warming comedy about redemption from the master of social realist cinema, about city outsiders in search of a better life."

Winner of the Grand Jury Prize in Cannes, The Angels' Share will be available for on-demand viewing in select markets nationwide starting this week. If you like whiskey and you also enjoy feel-good stories that have plenty of bite, this is one to watch.

Sentenced to community service and on his last chance to escape jail, a Glasgow dude named Robbie discovers — to his great surprise — that he has an excellent nose. How can he and his ragamuffin pals take advantage of this in the Scottish Highlands, where special casks of whiskey are auctioned off for nearly absurd prices? And how will they avoid getting nabbed and ending up in prison?

Check out the trailer below and look for this film, by director Ken Loach and screenwriter Paul Lavery, on your cable channel from IFC Films soon.

— Danya Henninger, The Drink Nation

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The Angels' Share: A Movie About Whiskey, Talent, Fun and Luck
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