Andy Murray Celebrates Grand Slam with $6 Lemon Soda (and $6,500 Bar Tab)

What do you do when you win big at the US Open? Sip on a soda, of course

A $6,500 bar tab for US Open winner Andy Murray.

You'd think after winning a Grand Slam at the US Open that you'd live a little, and maybe celebrate with a drink or two. But while Andy Murray was happy to indulge his entourage in a $6,500 bar tab in midtown Manhattan, his celebratory drink was something a little more tame — a $6 lemon soda. 

The London Evening Standard reporter Joy Lo Dico got an inside look at Murray's entourage's bill at Hakkasan, a Chinese restaurant in Manhattan. At the Ling Ling bar alone, the group started racking it up with 17 "Zesty Martinis" (for $255);  two bottles of Louis Roederer champagne (for $396), and that's not even including the food (which Lo Dico says was spicy prawns and roasted codfish). Thanks to the Instagram of the tab, we can at least see that the group tipped well: $1,289 for the bill. 

We can't really believe that the tennis star didn't partake in all the boozing, but as the Score notes, he had just competed a five-hour match. We'll let him off easy this time (and hope he'll be buying us a drink or two in the future).