Andy Cohen Licks Chocolate Sauce off Padma Lakshmi

Watch this clip of 'Watch What Happens Live,' where host Cohen does the deed for $1,000 for Hurricane Sandy relief

Last night season 10 of Top Chef: Seattle premiered on Bravo, so of course Padma Lakshmi was on Watch What Happens Live to chat it up with host Andy Cohen (also notable on last night's show: Alicia Silverstone, talking about her pregnancy cookbook and all that).

The most ridiculous portion of the night, however, must go to the moment when Cohen decided to make hurricane relief his excuse to try to lick Padma Lakshmi. While Lakshmi recently let some rando eat ham off her collarbone for $1,000 for charity at The DC Food Fight, Cohen let the audience choose what food to eat off her collarbone. The choices included spray cheese, chocolate sauce, peanut butter, and scrambled eggs.

The winner? Chocolate sauce, of course (we would've gone for scrambled eggs, though; it would've been much messier). Afterward, $1,000 went to hurricane relief, Alicia Silverstone was properly disgusted, and the rest of us are watching this video below.

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