Andrew Zimmern Trashes 99 Percent of Food Shows

In a recent interview he called 99 percent of food shows 'crap'

We're just going to come out and agree with everything Andrew Zimmern says in this interview with The Huffington Post; the host of Bizarre Foods showed up at their offices to chat about whatever they wanted to chat about, and it turned into him bashing food TV shows.

"Ninety-nine percent of food shows are crap," Zimmern starts off, noting that food television is still a relatively new genre. "We've just been shown a really narrow version" of what can happen, he says.

But the problem with most food TV shows? They're all stuck on one mode. "I don't want to do yet another grilling special and show you how to make pork chops," he says. "To me that bores the pants off me."


And while Zimmern won't name names, he does express a dislike for "fake experts," or "hosts who have no expertise within their genre." "In a world where we have too much fluff I want to hear from people who know what they're doing," he says. Which is all to say, watch his show, plus similarly well-traveled Anthony Bourdain.