Andrew Zimmern Rolls Out a Food Truck

Andrew Zimmern is serving up his outlandish dishes on his new food truck

Andrew Zimmern has chowed down on everything from shark meat in Iceland to fried sparrows in Vietnam, but he is offering up some outlandish dishes on the road. While serving up beef tongue "Philly" cheesesteak sliders at the Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival this weekend, Zimmern gave The Daily Meal the inside scoop on his new food truck venture.

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Hitting the road in August, Zimmern will be travelling from city to city on his new food truck, which he has yet to announce the name for. Starting in Minneapolis, he will be serving goat sausage, beef tongue sliders, and goat burgers. He will also be offering a few other surprise dishes while on tour.

Although Zimmern is starting a food truck, his adventurous palate will continue to star on another season of Bizarre Foods.

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"I never want to stop doing Bizarre Foods," he shared. "There are many places to find bizarre foods; we just haven’t found them yet."

The schedule for the food truck has not been released yet, but there will be plenty of places to get a taste of "Zimmern-style" foods.