The Best Bartender (and Cocktail) in the World Is...

The winner of the Diago World Class Competition comes from Austrailia, with a surprising winning drink

Last month we told you about Richard Gomez, the Oregonian who sealed the deal to become the U.S.' first bartender to compete in the Diageo World Class competition in Rio de Janeiro. Now, the title of the World Class Bartender goes to Austrailia's Tim Phillips, of Sydney's Hemmesphere cocktail bar.

So what winning concoction did Phillips make to beat out the 50 other bartenders for the title? An Austrailian Hot Toddy, made with Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve Blended Scotch whisky, honey, cinnamon quill, and ginger. (How delicious does that sound?) Phillips told The Shout magazine that he was thrilled, and hunbled, to have won. "I have been inspired this week by the high standards and limitless talent and look forward to the year ahead, traveling the world, meeting my peers, and continuing to create experiences through my creations that immerse customers in another world," he said.

While Phillips' winning Hot Toddy recipe is still a secret, Hospitality magazine has the recipe for one of his winning cocktails, the Montenego Teacle. Congrats to Phillips, and to our own Gomez for competing in Rio.