The Ancestral Table Offers Up Gourmet Paleo Recipes

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Author Russ Crandall provides a wide range of Paleo-inspired dishes
Ancestral Table

A review of the new Paleo-inspired cookbook Ancestral Table.

Russ Crandall’s cookbook The Ancestral Table features a new take on the Paleo diet. The recipes contained within feature gourmet and artfully prepared meals that follow the dietary restrictions commonly affiliated with the Paleo diet.

“The Paleo (short for Paleolithic) diet is based on the ancestral human diet,” writes Crandall. “It focuses on whole foods like meats, vegetables, and fruits while avoiding foods that are problematic to many people’s digestive systems.”

While the Paleo diet has become especially popular in recent years, Crandall’s book is unique because it elevates the genre of Paleo cookbooks by crafting gourmet recipes using the general guidelines of the diet.

In addition to a wealth of entrées, The Ancestral Table provides supplementary recipes such as sauces and appetizers that are often omitted from many cookbooks. Crandall artfully weaves these recipes together, referencing back-to-basic recipes contained in the book and offering ways to expand upon them. This is a cookbook where you can do more than pick and choose recipes; you can plan your whole diet around it.

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Crandall offers a treatment on a variety of traditional culinary styles, from this Crawfish Étoufée Recipe, to this Southern Fried Chicken Recipe, to a Korean-inspired Kalbi Korean Short Ribs Recipe. For the beginning Paleo enthusiast or the seasoned expert, The Ancestral Table contains recipes and techniques that you will find useful, healthy, and inspiring.