America's Oldest Bars: California (Part Two)

A look at more of California's longest-living watering holes.

(Photo: Flickr/synthsis/CC4.0)

Tonga Room in San Fransico 

You belly up to the bar, put your hand on the old wood, or the worn metal, and order yourself a pint. It’s a place you may have never been, and an action that’s been done by many before you. There are names scratched into the wall. Scuffmarks on the floor. Nothing’s fancy. Nothing’s too too. The place, the drink, it’s all the way it should be and it’s going to continue that way for some time to come. Why? You’re in a nexus for drink, space and time. You’re visiting a classic, one of the oldest bars in the country.

There were so many old bars in California that the last installment of the America's Oldest Bars Series feature wasn't enough. Here's another eight bars that have weathered brawls and buybacks — this group from 1915 to 1958. From Bar 107 in Los Angeles to the Tonga Room in San Francisco, consider this a checklist for tippling in some of this state’s most time-honored joints.

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