America's Best Kid-Friendly Hotels

From indoor water parks to mountain resorts, these spots offer plenty of options for families

These 18 hotels offer great kid-friendly dining options and activities, perfect for traveling families.

Family vacations are a true hallmark of growing up. There’s nothing like piling your kids into the car (or airplane), going somewhere new, and exploring the area together. On these trips, parents and kids can make memories together that they will cherish for a lifetime.

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Sometimes, however, traveling as a family can be a trying experience, but fortunately for youngsters and adults alike, these 18 hotel picks make it easier for families to experience a new place together. Each of these properties has dining options that will appeal to children — some feature familiar characters like Eloise while others provide a plethora of options that are sure to please a diverse set of taste buds.

At these spots, kids also can enjoy amenities such as playrooms, iPads pre-loaded with apps and books, and even toys they receive on arrival. Some of the hotels are located near the nation’s top amusement parks, like Hersheypark and Walt Disney World. A few are home to water parks that feature waterfalls and obstacle courses that children are sure to love. And a handful even include spa treatments that are ideal for both younger and older clients — with names like the "Pretty Princess Pedicure." Despite their many differing options, each featured property has plenty that will please parents and children alike.  

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