Americans Drinking More Wine and Liquor, Less Beer and Milk

No idea why, but we imagine it has plenty to do with the rise of food and wine pairings, and the fall of dairy

Here's an interesting tidbit noted from Esquire; yesterday, MarketWatch reported that wine and spirits consumption has increased in the last decade in America, going up 21 percent (wine) and 20 percent (spirits).

Beer drinking, in the meantime, has gone down 10 percent throughout the decade, despite craft beer's growing presence.

And for milk, the healthy thing we were all told to drink as kids? Milk consumption has dropped 30 percent since 1975. Perhaps we can attribute it to the rise of veganism and almond milk (which is actually delicious).


On the bright side, soft-drink consumption has also decreased, going from just less than 53 gallons a year per American to a little more than 44 gallons. So while we may be losing out on calcium in the dairy, at least we're not pumping our system with as much sugar as before. Check out the slideshow over on MarketWatch to see just how much our drink habits have changed.