Americans Drink Average of 4 Drinks per Week, Survey Says

Gallup poll shows that majority of Americans drink (and prefer beer over wine and liquor)

At least two-thirds of Americans drink occasionally, according to this Gallup poll.

In the yearly State of the Drink survey, Gallup has discovered that the majority of Americans like a drink every now and then.

Gallup recently updated its annual survey of America's drinking habits, and found that at least two-thirds of Americans drink occassionally. And of those surveyed this past July, a little more than half said they had between one and seven drinks in the last seven days, averaging to about four drinks per week. When asked about their preferred drink, men and women had two different answers: more than half of men went for beer, and more than half of women went for wine. Beer's also the main choice for the 18-to-34 crowd, while those older than 55 preferred wine. 

While most of the survey answers seemed to be on par with last year's, there was one surprise: 22 percent of those surveyed said they "sometimes drink too much," up from 17 percent from last year. Check out the rest of Gallup's survey, and see what your fellow Americans are drinking. 


(Photo Modified: Flickr/Quinn Dombrowski/CC 4.0)