American Moms Becoming Organic Chefs and Nutritional Gurus in the Kitchen

Moms across the nation are whisking up healthy meals this 2013. Are you one of them?

Organic Foods

The start of any new year is always one full of daring hopes and aspirations—new ways of living and bad habits regarded as totally passé.  This year, it seems as though there may have been something in the water—Moms across the United States sharing the same resolution, that being what is served and planned for the dinner table.

In a survey by Fleishman-Hillard and, 2013 is the radically pervasive healthy cooking year of mothers everywhere. Moms across the nation are educating themselves, planning meals, and switching to organic foods—all while keeping their money and time in budget!

Since the beginning of 2013, 53% of American mothers have been cooking healthier meals for their families, 49% of them buying less processed food. In the organic food isles, 50% of moms are reading nutrition labels more than ever, 29% of moms committing to only organically produced foods (may the prices drop with more demand!).

In the spectacle of saving money and getting organized as top priorities to moms this year, 67% of moms are determined to be more organized in their weekly meal planning—all of course with the aid of popular websites like Pinterest,, and 41% of moms are now resolute in orderly grocery shopping, 33% unwavering in their attempts to make fewer grocery store stops. Strikingly, 51% of moms are even ambitious enough to precook meals and freeze them!


Mothers in the 50 states are undoubtedly educating themselves when it comes to nutrition, organization, and research before heading to their local grocery. Planning ahead helps families save cash, time, gas, and healthier dinners inspire healthier lifestyles. This mother-driven movement may not be one exactly as radical as the French Revolution, but boy is the health trajectory changing!  Viva la moms everywhere!