America's Best Rooftop Restaurants

With September weather just around the corner, rooftop dining is the best way to take advantage of the late summer and early autumn temperatures. A great rooftop experience promises beautiful views of everything from city skylines to mountain backdrops and ocean views, as well as attentive service and delicious food. In the world of romantic comedies, this type of restaurant is where the leading male gets down on one knee and proposes to the gorgeous protagonist.

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Finding a great rooftop restaurant can be difficult. To begin with, most restaurants do not have rooftop seating; it is much easier to locate a bar or a restaurant that offers alfresco dining. Secondly, rooftop restaurants tend to offer incredibly expensive yet unmemorable food options, and inattentive service — diners find themselves paying for the view but not much else. For example, Top of the Hub, which is located on the roof of the Prudential Tower in Boston, offers magnificent views of the city and coastline but the service is undependable and the food is mediocre at best.

But locating a great rooftop restaurant in your city that offers the trifecta of delicious food, good service, and breathtaking views is worth the effort. These restaurants are prime places to celebrate special occasions, to take friends that are visiting from out-of-town, or just to escape from the busy city streets below.

Click through this collection of rooftop restaurants across the country to find The Daily Meal's recommendations in your area. Additionally, if you have a vacation planned in the near future, be sure to include one of these rooftop restaurants in your dining plans.