America’s Best BLT is in Charleston, South Carolina

Ted’s Butcherblock is recognized for serving up the best BLT sandwich during national sandwich month
Nation's Best BLT

Photo Modified: Flickr/jeffreyw

The nation's best BLT is at Ted's Butcherblock in Charleston, South Carolina.

Since August is National Sandwich Month, there’s no better time than now to honor some of the nation’s tastiest, most creative sandwiches.

On the top of our list of sandwiches to try is the monstrous BLT at Ted’s Butcherblock in Charleston, South Carolina. Ted’s BLT creation is made with artisanal bacon, a juicy, ripe tomato, mixed greens, and topped off with a mouth-watering garlic aioli. For only $8 a pop, what’s not to love?

Food Network Magazine’s September issue has a spread featuring the best sandwiches in each of the fifty states, and Ted’s one of a kind sandwich was recognized as the Best of South Carolina. According to Eater, Food Network Magazine editors traveled the country to seek out the best sandwiches, and since Ted’s made the cut, you know it must be that good.

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Ted’s Butcherblock is a neighborhood butcher shop and gourmet market in the heart of Charleston. They offer specialty meats, fresh salads and sides, and have officially mastered the art of sandwich making.


(Photo Modified: Flickr/jeffreyw)