Amazing Caramel Apples

These apples have taken the traditional sweet to a whole other level

Welcome to caramel apple heaven. Enjoy your stay.

It's officially fall — we’re wearing our sweaters and boots instead of just talking about them, and the colorful leaves are falling to the ground — and that means we're craving our favorite fall flavors. 

We’re just a few short weeks from Halloween and before you know it we’ll be planning out our Thanksgiving menus. But in between the hearty stews, the bakes, and the roasts that this season brings, it's the season for some of the year’s best desserts, too. 

Pies in all different flavors — from pumpkin to salted caramel — will be gracing the tables of your holiday parties and your harvest dinners. Yet of all the flavors of the season, none is quite as popular as apple. Prime apple season is fully underway and families are picking and plucking the fruit from orchards and farms across the country, so it’s hard not to have caramel running through the brain — caramel apples, that is. 

Caramel apples are one of life’s best mash-ups, like peanut butter and jelly, Nutella and banana, ham and cheese, mozzarella and tomato — caramel and apples make for a happy marriage of ingredients. But then, if you add outrageous fixings like bacon, sea salt, peppermint, and cayenne, it just gets even better. 

We’ve rounded up quite a few stunning apples — caramel, dark chocolate, drizzled with Belgian chocolate, rolled in coconut, or sprinkled.

Prepare to get excited.