Amanda Seyfried Loves Whiskey and More Celebrity News


Restaurant Buzz

Jennifer Garner and son Samuel headed to Satsuma Café in New Orleans. [People]

No more dieting for Jessica Simpson. The star, who lost 60 pounds post pregnancy as part of her Weight Watchers deal, had a grilled cheese and some onion rings at the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills, Calif.  [US]

Uma Thurman and Liv Tyler caught up over cocktails at New York City's The Standard Hotel. [US]

Tom Cruise and a mystery woman headed to The Rose Bar in Stockholm. [The Daily Mail]

Ryan Gosling and a lady friend were spotted having dinner at Raoul's in New York City's SoHo neighborhod. [NY Post]

Seen & Heard

Amanda Seyfried admitted to David Letterman that she was a bit tipsy during their interview on The Late Show. "I'm pretty drunk. To be honest with you Dave, I've had about three," she said. "I'm a big fan of whiskey. I had some Midleton. [My costar] Russell Crowe gave me some Midleton for my birthday and I had some of that before I got here. And then your lovely colleagues had some Jameson waiting for me [backstage]." [US]

Denise Richards stocked up on Jell-O while grocery shopping for her "End of the World" party. [US]


Justin Bieber took a photo of a milkshake and tweeted "U are wherever u are wishing u had this milkshake infront of u." Yes we do, Justin. [Instagram/Justin Bieber]