ALF to Open President-Themed Restaurant?

Anyone get the inside joke going on at 32 East 21st Street?

George Washington, Ben Franklin, ALF...

Gravy, the 145-seat Southern restaurant opened by Kenneth Halberg and Andrew Barnett (formerly of the Glazier Group) and chef Michael Vignola, couldn't manage to figure out New York's Flatiron District, and will be closing this summer after little more than a year making a go of it. There's already something going on behind the brown paper in the windows at 32 East 21st Street, but what? If the pictures taped up above the paper are any indication, ALF will be opening a restaurant dedicated to America's founding fathers. There's George Washington, Ben Franklin, and — if the glare isn't distorting their visages — Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, sandwiching everyone's favorite fuzzy '80s sitcom alien. It's obviously an inside joke. Anyone get it? Clue us in with a tip.

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