Alaska Airline Cuts Free Beer Promotion

Era Alaska will still offer cheap beer, though, don't worry

Boozehounds looking to have a few brews on the house aboard Era Alaska airlines will sure be disappointed: local media reports that the popular "free beer" promotion has been cut.

But from the sound of it, the new promotion might actually be cheaper: Under the free beer promotion, the first glass of Denali Brewing Co.'s "Single Engine Red," was free — but each beer after was $3. Now, the first brew — and all others following — will cost just $1. So what's the fuss, everyone?

Micah Lillard from Era explained to local news outlet KMXT that there were "unforeseen challenges" in the current free beer promotion, where a current state pricing and marketing statute prohibits offering alcoholic beverages as a marketing tool. The promotion will end at the end of the month, but may also extend into July. Either way, a $1 beer on a flight from Anchorage, Ala., to Fairbanks seems like a pretty good deal.