Agave Soda Company Set to Expand

Oogavé soda company uses 100 percent agave nectar to sweeten their beverages, plans to expand distribution.

Oogavé expands distribution.

Organic sodas are carving a new niché for themselves in the soft drink market. As demand for healthier alternatives to soft drinks grow, suppliers are taking notice.

The Denver based organic soda supplier Oogavé announced plans to expand their distribution by partnering with restaurants and food retailers in California and Nevada to keep up with a growing demand.

“We believe we will see our volume increase by approximately 15 percent,” said Marketing Manager for Oogavé, Coree Schmitz.

Oogavé products are already available in natural grocery stores in all 50 states, but now, Raley’s, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Carmela Foods will begin offering Oogavé sodas starting this month.

Oogavé offers the only soda on the market made with 100 percent agave nectar in place of traditional sweeteners. This all natural sweetener cuts the sugar content to less than half that of a comparable drink. An Oogave’s Cola has 23 grams of sugar in their 12 ounce bottle, compared to 39 grams of sugar found in a 12 ounce can of Coca-Cola.