After “Living On Light,” Breatharian Believer Is Living On Food Again

Not because she needs thinks she needs it to survive, but because she didn’t like the negative feedback from the world
YouTube/Living On Light

Never mind. Breatharian believer Navenna Shine is no longer living on just sunlight and water. Although she still believes it is possible to live this way, she is stopping the experiment because she didn’t like all of the negative feedback she was getting from the public. She’s also run out of money.

On June 19, she’ll start eating again. Her first meal will be a cup of warm water with a small amount of maple syrup and lemon juice in it. Then, she’ll transition to vegetables cooked in water.

After 45 days living without food, Shine lost 33 pounds. Throughout the experiment, she experienced extreme nausea, exhaustion, constipation, and at one point, couldn’t even drink water.

In a letter she posted on her website, Shine explains that the world isn’t ready for this kind of information and that even if she were able to prove that a person can live on just light and water, “the vast majority of people would inadvertently shoot themselves” with the information.

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So Shine is turning off the eight cameras in her house that were set up to make sure she didn’t cheat on her diet and is rejoining the rest of the eating world.