Aer Lingus Allows Passengers to Pre-Order Meals

The Irish air carrier lets passengers order meals before takeoff

Irish Breakfast

Aer Lingus is known to offer one of the best buy-on-board breakfast options on short-haul European services, and now passengers can pre-order Aer Lingus’ signature Irish Breakfast before their flight to ensure they won’t miss out. Aer Lingus will also be offering two additional dishes: chicken noodle salad and seared beef and potato salad; however, pricing is yet to be confirmed for these meals.

Effective immediately passengers can pre-order the Irish Breakfast meal for €7.50 ($9.99), the same price as buying on board the aircraft.

You may pre-order your meal up to 90 days in advance of the departure date but no later than 36 hours before departure. Orders can be made during the booking process or via the "Manage Booking" page if you already have an existing reservation with the airline. Once you have completed your meal booking, a confirmation email will be sent to you; print this off and hand it to the cabin crew during the flight to receive your meal.

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If passengers have booked an Aer Lingus flight sector through JetBlue, British Airways, or United Airlines, they can still pre-order their meals by using the Aer Lingus reservation number and order directly through the website.

It’s worth noting that there is no restriction on which short-haul flight you are booked on in order to pre-order a meal (regional flights not included). Similar pre-order programs from airlines such as KLM, Air France, Austrian Airlines, and Delta only allow passengers to pre-order a meal on a specific route or from specified departure cities.


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