Accidental Locavore’s 3 Reasons to Buy From a Farmers’ Market or a CSA


The Accidental Locavore is a strong proponent of buying as much as you can from farmers’ markets, joining a CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture), or food co-op. After all, that's how I became the Accidental Locavore and learned to love the surprise that comes with every delicious box. But what's in it for you?

1. You get to know where your food comes from. By getting to know farmers and other local purveyors you certainly make a connection to the source of your food, but there are other benefits. When you know your farmer, things can be saved for you, so if you're not a morning person (like the Locavore) they'll put stuff aside for you, let you know what’s coming, what's good that week, and what may be at the end of its run.

2. You establish a link that goes far back in time, to our caveman ancestors, that has been eroded by our pre-packaged, fast-food society. Humans have always gathered together for food; it's a primal need to connect around a meal. Whether it's groups going out hunting and gathering, or sitting around dinner tables, food has been our major connection with each other. When you connect with farmers you reestablish that bond.

3. Great ingredients allow you to make great food easily. When you start with lovely fresh ingredients you don't have to do a lot to make them sing. With your connection to farmers comes a wealth of knowledge about how to cook their stuff in new and interesting ways. Even when it has been weeks of zucchini, farmers will have yet another idea on how to prepare them.

That being said, the Accidental Locavore is excited to start another season with Farmer Paul and the amazing weekly farm box. This week was very green, with asparagus both green and purple, a bunch of spinach (that made my husband surprisingly happy), scallions, chives, mesclun, and turnip greens. I think the turnip greens will get braised in chicken stock with maybe some bacon or some local Andouille tossed in. The asparagus will go on the grill with curry lamb sausage. Not sure yet about the spinach and scallions. Tune in Friday for recipes, and comment if you have a great idea for the turnip greens.