The Academy Awards Drinking Game

Oh, it's going to be a doozy this year — drink to Seth MacFarlane, the red carpet, and the nominees
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Red carpet drinking games for the Oscars!

It's almost time for America's favorite night of self-congratulatory back patting! Yes, it's Oscar time, and the only thing sadder than two thirds of this year's Best Picture nominees would be watching Hollywood's most magical night sober. So, on Sunday, Feb. 24, make sure you have plenty of your favorite libation, put on your best gown, and play along from your couch with The Drink Nation's Academy Awards Drinking Game!

Warm Up Round: On the Red Carpet

Get started early — you know the TV coverage will. As stars trip their way down the aisle....

  • When a commentator uses the words "stunning," "fierce," or "bold" to describe a dress: DRINK!
  • When anyone refers to Jennifer Lawrence as "J. Law": DRINK!
  • If Matt Damon is NOT brought up during Ben Affleck's entrance: DRINK!
  • If someone at your Oscar party confuses Melissa Rivers for Steven Tyler: DRINK!
  • If Ryan Seacrest struggles for even a second to pronounce Quvenzhané Wallis' name: DRINK!  (Bonus: Have fun asking your friends to do this, too. For reference, it is pronounced kwuh-VEN-jah-nay.)

The Big Show

Make sure you have plenty of snacks to go along with the sips, because things could get tipsy. During the main event....

  • Every time Seth MacFarlane uses a voice other than his natural speaking voice: DRINK!... and continue until his normal voice resumes
  • If Adele's inevitable acceptance speech has any tone of surprise, "I just really can't believe this" or a bashful "oh, you guuuuuys!": DRINK!
  • Whenever anyone thanks God: DRINK! (might want to use small sips for this one or you won't make it to the second act)
  • Whenever the network pimps the hashtag #oscars: DRINK!
  • Every time someone at your Oscar party says, "I haven't even seen half these movies": DRINK!
  • When Britney Spears comes on to present, each time you catch yourself asking, "Wait...why???": DRINK!
  • When an acceptance speech ambles past the cutoff music: DRINK!
  • Each time the camera cuts to George Clooney: DRINK! (good for 12–15 drinks per Academy Award ceremony, 1996–present)

Seth MacFarlane Drinking Game

If you want to spice things up, create a drink for each of the hosts voices, and drink that when you hear them. Some ideas:

  • Peter Griffin voice — Pawtucket Patriot Ale (or Narragansett Lager)
  • Brian Griffin voice — Martini straight up
  • Roger the alien voice — Red wine (or just about anything containing ethanol)
  • Ted teddy bear voice — Honey-infused whiskey cocktail

— Brandon M. Gallagher Watson, The Drink Nation

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