Absolut to Launch Oak-Aged Vodka

The Absolut Amber will launch in June
Ali Rosen

The newest vodka from Absolut, Absolut Amber, is oak-aged.

An oak-aged vodka from Absolut? Well, this is interesting: sources confirm that Absolut is trying something new with their vodkas, an oak-aged vodka that's aged much like a fine whiskey.

Per Hermansson showed a group the newest vodka, called Absolut Amber, at 96 proof. Because of its aging process in three different barrels (one Swedish oak, one American white oak, and one barrel formerly used for bourbon) for at least six months, it's almost rum-like and spicy, thanks to its high alcohol content. But, like any good vodka should, it has a clean taste because of its vodka finish. 


While some may think that oak-aged vodka may turn it into, well, whiskey, it's actually not the same thing. But it's clear that oak-aged vodka is becoming a trend. Some companies, like Adnams in the U.K., have oak-aged its barley vodka in European oak barrels, while Bend, Ore.-based Bend Distillery ages its Crater Lake Vodka "just a touch" in new American oak. Generally speaking, oak-aged vodkas have notes of vanilla, coconut, even "fresh spring water," as Bend Distillery notes. Not what you might expect from Absolut, but hey, we've had much, much weirder flavored vodkas.