Wahlberg's UK Wahlburgers Expansion Not Happening

Expansion news reported by Metro is false, according to Wahlburgers' spokesperson

(Photo: flickr/s pakhrin/CC4.0)

Mark Wahlberg

News about Mark Wahlberg's interview with British publication Metro, detailing the expansion plans of his burger shop venture with his brothers to England and Ireland, made headlines this morning. However, according to a spokesperson for Wahlburgers and chef Paul Wahlberg, the news is far from true. 

The Metro article quotes Wahlberg as stating that he and his brothers plan to open "a bunch" of Wahlburgers in Britain and Ireland this year. However, the restaurant's spokesperson set the record straight by explaning that there are no concrete plans at this time to open new Wahlburgers, especially internationally. She went on to explain that they have considered the possibility of expanding to a second location in the Boston area (the original opened in Hingham, Mass., this past October), but it's nothing more than a concept right now. The interview also reported specific figures from Wahlberg about how much the restaurant brings in each day ($17,000), but the spokesperson also denied the accuracy of this claim.

As the culinary professional in the Wahlberg family, chef Paul runs the day-to-day operation at Wahlburger, serving high-end patties and hot dogs to a constant stream of hungry customers. The restaurant is known for their specialty burger combinations and for topping their creations with melted "government cheese".


Word to ya mother, Wahlburger bros, the world is clearly looking for you to expand nationally and overseas.