Little Girls Sell Lemonade for Bitcoins

Small children accept Bitcoins for coffee, snickerdoodles
Commons/Jeremy Keith

A pair of little girls in San Francisco were spotted selling cookies, lemonade, and coffee for Bitcoins.

A pair of adorable blonde moppets in San Francisco have brought the lemonade stand into the 21st century and are actually accepting Bitcoins for their lemonade and snickerdoodles.

According to Motherboard, the two little girls have set up Mia And Taylor's Coffee Shoppe in San Francisco's upscale Noe Valley. The coffee shop sells lemonade, coffee, and cookies for a dollar each, but their little cardboard storefront also has a large QR code printed on its awning and a hand-written sign announces, "We take Bitcoins."

“These adorable little girls just sold me snickerdoodles for Bitcoin in San Francisco. I asked them to say cheese for the internet :),” said a Reddit user who took a picture of the girls and posted the story online.

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The cookie business seems to be doing quite well, as the girls have managed to earn .083 Bitcoins, or just over $70. That's not just cookie money, though. Some Reddit users have apparently made donations in support of the ingenuity of accepting Bitcoins at what is essentially a lemonade stand.