Kraft String Cheese Recalled

String cheese pulled over concerns it could spoil early
Facebook/String Cheese

Kraft has pulled 750,000 cases of string cheese that could spoil before its "best if used by" date.

Kraft string cheese has been pulled following reports that some packages might spoil before their expiration dates, the company said.

According to Yahoo News, Kraft has recalled about 750,000 cases of Kraft and Polly-O string cheese. The affected packages of pullable, shreddable cheese are printed with "best if used by" dates between October 25 and February 11, but the company says there is a chance the cheese could go bad and change color before the printed dates.

The company said it recalled the string cheese voluntarily after receiving several reports from customers who contacted Kraft to say their cheese had gone bad before the "best by" date. Kraft says it has temporarily stopped production and distribution of the string cheese while it tries to figure out what went wrong with the string cheese to make it go off early.

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Kraft said that customers who find themselves in possession of the problematic cheese should not eat it. The cheese should be returned for an exchange or a refund.