Coca-Cola Cures Persimmon Stones

Persimmon lovers cured of stomach stones after drinking Coke
Wikimedia/Angelo DeSantis

Doctors say a woman's severe persimmon stones were cured by drinking a liter of Coke a day for three days.

Persimmons are sweet and delicious and have high levels of vitamin C, but enjoying too many can cause people to develop "persimmon stones." But persimmons can now be enjoyed with impunity, as doctors say the cure for persimmon stones is just drinking Coca-Cola.

Persimmon stones, or bezoars, often form in the stomachs of people who eat many persimmons. Persimmons have high amounts of tannins and pectins, and when combined with stomach acid they can form indigestible stones in the stomach. But according to Shanghaiist, several doctors say the stones are cured by drinking Coke for a few days.

One doctor said that a 24-year-old patient with severe persimmon stones was completely cured after she was told to drink a liter of Coke a day for three days. That patient was apparently the third this month cured of persimmon stones by drinking Coke, though doctors say the treatment is best for younger people because of their "more dynamic stomach."


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