Pub Blames Burglars for Watered-Down Vodka

Swedish pub caught serving shots of water as vodka
Wikimedia/Lvova Anastasiya

Harry's Pub says its customer overreacted to being served a shot of straight water instead of vodka.

A Swedish pub-goer was enraged this week when he found out a pub was serving him shots of plain water instead of vodka, but the pub blames the mistake on burglars.

According to The Local, some customers at Harry’s Pub found their round of mixed drinks suspiciously light on alcohol, so one took it upon himself to play Sherlock Holmes and investigate the problem. He went up to the bar and ordered a Red Bull and vodka from the same vodka bottle. Noting the bartender’s irritation, he also ordered a straight vodka shot from the bottle, but he said what he actually received was just a mouthful of water.

"It wasn’t vodka, it wasn’t watered-down vodka, IT WAS PURE WATER IN THE SHOT!" he announced angrily on Facebook.

Harry’s Pub admits that happened, but says it was an honest mistake and nobody besides that one customer was affected. According to pub owner Daniel Ringström, the water-filled vodka bottle was meant to trick burglars, and the bartender just grabbed it by accident. Ringström said during the past year there have been several break-ins and some 40 bottles of vodka were stolen.

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"We got tired of it and decided to fill several vodka bottles with water. We have since removed them but apparently missed one," he said. "I have spoken with the person and explained. I think the guest overreacted."