Alice Cooper's Restaurant Terrifies Man Into Window-Smashing

A Phoenix man says he saw murderers in the windows
Flickr/Man Alive!

A Phoenix man says he saw murderers in the windows of Alice Cooper's restaurant. (Photo Modified: Flickr/Man Alive!)

Alice Cooper is known as the Godfather of Shock Rock, but the rock star's Phoenix restaurant can terrify all on its own. One man passing the restaurant recently was so terrified that he went on a window-smashing rampage resulting in over $10,000 worth of damage, police say.

According to the Phoenix New Times, 22-year-old Joseph Urango looked through the windows of Cooper's restaurant, Alice Cooperstown, and panicked when he saw "murderers" inside.

"He stated he was standing at Alice Cooper's restaurant and noticed murderers in the windows," a police officer explained. "He stated he walked off westbound and the murderers were following him. He added he threw rocks [through] the windows at 15 W. Jackson St. and 22 W. Jackson St. in order to get rid of the murderers, but they still followed him."

Police were called and told that a man was smashing windows in the neighborhood, and when they found Urango he was attempting to kick in some glass doors. Urango was helpful when police stopped him, saying he'd smashed at least 10 windows already. He then took them around the neighborhood to point out which ones were his work. Repairing all the smashed glass is estimated to cost "well over" $10,000.

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Urango was booked on multiple criminal damage charges. He told police he doesn't have the money to pay to have the windows repaired, but said he would "shoot it out with everyone once he was released from jail."