This $9,000 McDonald's Soda Cup Sculpture Could be Yours

At this year's Armory Show, a Guatemalan artist is showcasing a sculpture of a McDonald's soda cup

Fast food has finally made it to the upper echelons of pricey art; the New York Post reports that a Guatemalan artist is selling a sculpture of a McDonald's soda cup for $9,000.

According to a Tweet from Gothamists' John Del Signore, the "elegantly painted McDonald's cup can be yours for 9,000!" And while the cup is fairly decked out with flowers, leaves, and delicate shading, it's still a soda cup (albeit it does come in a fancy glass case, à la Beauty and the Beast).

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The artist, Dario Escobar, was featuring the piece in the Brazilian gallery "Baró Galeria," in addition to this year's Armory Show an international contemporary art-fair in New York City. The cup, according to Escobar's website, is an untitled piece from 1998 made from cardboard, plastic, and gold pigments. A similar project takes two Kellogg's boxes of cornflakes and wraps half of them in similarly-patterned gold paper. Escobar's other work involves pop culture items such as baseball bats and skateboards, but we're expecting some In-N-Out-related art from the contemporary art world next.