9 People You Don't Want Around the Table

When planning a get-together, they're the characters you should think twice about before inviting

Don't call these folks up!

While hosting a dinner party might seem as easy as inviting a group of people you enjoy spending time with, putting a delicious meal on the table, and stocking the bar completely (which is sure to guarantee a good time for some...), a great party is more than what one might see on the surface — it’s about having the right mix of friends around you, maximizing the number of guests who are open to meeting new people and engaging in conversation rather than being caught up in their own world and putting a damper on the night. To ensure that your party goes smoothly, we’ve come up with nine characters to look out for when planning your guest list.

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As a host, it’s in your best interest to see that you gather the right mix of guests for any get-together. In general, you want a mix of good conversationalists who are able to coax those not-so-talkative into speaking and some mellow folks who know when to laugh to balance out those stronger personalities (and odd characters) — the person with the big ego or the seemingly-weird friend —that might otherwise ruin the energy of the night.

Sure, everyone at one point or another has been stuck next to a less-than-stellar dinner party guest — the loudmouth who keeps digging for gossip to spread or the person who seems to have been raised by a pack of wolves, burping every other bite and chewing with their mouth full. (There goes our appetite). If you’re the guest in the situation, the best thing you can do is sit tight, be patient, and just remember that it’s only a dinner party — you don’t have to live with this person. Then, heed our advice before hosting a party of your own.

Click here to see the 9 People You Don't Want Around the Table Slideshow.


This story was originally published on February 2, 2012