9 Holiday Tips for Stranded Students

You don’t have to have a horrible holiday just because you can’t make it home!

If you are stuck on campus this year for the holidays, don't fret!

It’s tough moving away from home, usually for the first time, to attend college. To make matters worse, many students live on a shoestring budget. For some students, money is so tight that they can’t even afford a plane or train ticket to travel home for the holidays, and not being able to enjoy the company of loved ones can turn what's normally the most joyful time of the year into a total downer. If you’re a student in this situation, it’s understandable that you might feel a little blue. But let’s admit it: some students attend faraway colleges specifically to get away from their crazy families. If you’re one of those people, you might very well be looking forward to spending your holiday alone on campus.

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Either way, with classes on break for the holidays and campus virtually deserted, you wonder how you’re going to while away the hours until school starts again. You might think to yourself, "Will I be forced to spend the entire holiday alone in my dorm room, eating instant noodles and dying of boredom?" Nonsense! 

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We’ve compiled a list of tips for college students who are spending their holidays at school instead of at home with their families. For those who are bummed after looking forward to spending holidays with loved ones, we’ve listed some ways to get out of the dorms, have fun, and make new friends. We’ve even listed a few holiday-centric solo activities for those of you who are looking forward to spending the holiday by yourself after craving a little peace and quiet all semester.