9 Foods Infused with Booze

You can get a buzz without drinking anything at all
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When is a pickle not a pickle? When it's a martini!

For some, merely drinking alcohol isn’t enough. New and exciting ways of catching a buzz are being created all the time, and that means that creative foods incorporating noticeable quantities of alcohol are popping up all over the place. And from pickles that contain as much vodka as a martini to alcoholic pizza in Boston, we’ve tracked down nine crazy booze-infused foods.

9 Foods Infused with Booze (Slideshow)

Making boozy foods is nothing new. Chefs have been incorporating alcohol into their dishes for many, many years: many French stews contain wine, and plenty of desserts, like baba au rhum and tiramisu, get a dose of liquor. But turning a food item into essentially a vessel for alcohol is a fairly modern invention, and one that gets a bit of a frat boy reputation. But there are actually lots of boozy foods out there that are fun, a little crazy, and actually taste good.

In our list of boozy foods, we incorporated both specialty items that can only be found at bake shops and restaurants as well as ones that you can make yourself, at home. Boozy foods are party foods, and this is the right time of year for partying.

Some booze-infused foods pack a serious wallop; others betray just a hint of booziness. But any way you slice it, boozy foods are a whole lot of fun, and the experience of eating something and having it unexpectedly taste like alcohol is a novelty that won’t wear off until long after the buzz does.

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