9 Easy Chicken Recipes from Chefs

After all, the test of a great chef is their chicken

Chicken is meant to be celebrated, so do so with these easy chef recipes.

They say the test of a great chef is their chicken — and we’re not here to disagree. In fact, we think everyone should eat more of it. Chicken is delicious, easy, and healthy — the perfect protein to cook at home for fantastic family dinners, entertaining friends, or an intimate meal for one.

Why, we wonder, is it so often overlooked, banished to list of “boring” foods that are, frankly, unimpressive when it comes to restaurant menus?

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To help kick start the chicken renaissance, we’ve dug through the masses and found nine simply fantastic — and impressive — chicken recipes from nine top-notch chefs, restaurants, and cookbooks, all of which can be put together in your kitchen, no matter how professional (or unprofessional) it may be.

If you’re looking for a summertime hit, a whole grilled chicken from Michael Psilakis will be sure to impress, while The Meatball Shop’s Buffalo Chicken Balls combine two things we love, meatballs and buffalo wings, into a delicious and easy summer appetizer.


Just because it’s chicken doesn’t mean it’s not impressive, so take a cue from these chefs and try their easy chicken recipes.