9 Best BBQ Joints in Washington, D.C.

Where to get the best BBQ in the nation’s capital

Pork Barrel BBQ

If you are headed to the Washington, D.C. area for this weekend’s inauguration of President Obama, Richard Wachtel, founder and lead writer of Grilling with Rich, has compiled a list of the nine best BBQ joints in Washington, D.C. that visitors must try no matter what neighborhood they are celebrating in.

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Since our nation’s capital is home to people from every state in the Union, BBQ fans can find the best BBQ our country has to offer, with regional styles from the Carolinas to Texas and everything in between. And it wouldn’t be Washington if each of these places didn’t have their own "platform" to make their BBQ cuisine stand out. Although the levers were already pulled on Election Day, you can still place your vote for some of the East Coast’s best BBQ.

From Pork Barrel BBQ, which was opened by former Senate staffers Brett Thompson and Heath Hall, to Texas Ribs and BBQ, where President Barack Obama recently stopped in to dine on his way back to the White House, these traditional BBQ spots are sure to please those looking for comfort food.


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