8 Unique McDonald’s Breakfasts Around the World

What to expect on McDonald's Breakfast menus around the world, from vegetarian puff pastry to spicy chicken muffins with egg

Grilled Chicken Twisty Pasta, a typical breakfast item at McDonald's in Hong Kong.

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when someone says breakfast? Eggs, sausages, and bacon? Maybe some pancakes or waffles with a side of butter biscuit? As the most important meal of the day, breakfast should be a source for your daily fix of nutrients. And it’s hard to go wrong with the staple of eggs and bacon or a bowl of cereal!

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That’s why McDonald’s, the quintessential American export, is a haven for traveling Americans. While it’s always great to leave the States and explore the culinary delights of another country, sometimes you just want to return to a good old egg sandwich, especially if you’ve been trying local delicacies for a little too long. Rampant globalization has been a godsend for getting a slice of home. 

With McDonald’s a presence in nearly every country in the world, home is never too far away. But occasionally, even the global American standard paves way for local culture, even at an American institution like McDonald’s. Across the Atlantic or the Pacific, things can get a little weird…

We’ve previously covered unique McDonald’s meals and Happy Meals around the world, but it seems not even the mundane choice of breakfast is exempt from customization. While you can still generally get an order of eggs and sausages, also expect to see a few items on the menu that are most certainly local.

Among these unique items are a soup-based pasta in Hong Kong, a full vegetarian burger and a vegetable pizza puff in India, a selection of breads in Brazil, a sandwich with Norwegian brown cheese in Norway, and a breakfast Filet-O-Fish in Japan.

Check out the slideshow to see them all!

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