8 Tummy-Trimming Foods

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Cutting down on belly fat is easy when you incorporate these healthy foods into your diet

Work these foods into your summer diet.

Summer is full of beach vacations, days spent on the lake, and plenty of outdoor activities that make a trimmed tummy necessary. Cutting down on belly fat is easy when you incorporate these healthy foods into your diet. Not only will you feel better in your summer outfits, you’ll be more confident and energetic, too, as you take part in beach activities.

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Some helpful foods to get your stomach area fit are those that beat the bloat. If you’re feeling a bit bloated, frolicking around in skimpy attire is the furthest thing from appealing. Yogurt has live cultures and, when eaten regularly, can help with digestion and prevent the stomach from bloating.

There are several foods to help you cut down on calories and still feel full while giving you energy for summer activities. Cut back on heavy pastas and rice bowls, and chow down on a helping of quinoa instead. It feels like a starch and fills you up like one, but is actually gluten-free and high in protein.

So, load up on these foods and look better than ever in your swimsuit this year. Not only do some of these foods make you trimmer, but they hydrate you as well for hot summer days.


Yogurt helps you beat the bloat. Choose a yogurt that has active cultures and incorporate it into your diet daily. Try a low-fat and plain yogurt and serve it at breakfast with some granola and fresh fruit on top. It can help digestion and prevent the stomach from bloating.


Not only are cucumbers crunchy and hydrating, but they are a great stomach-flattening snack. They are high in water and low in fiber. Munching on these instead of chips or crackers will make you slimmer and trimmer.

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