8 Tips to Achieving a Unique Soirée

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Kelven Book and Canard, Inc. are sharing their party planning tips
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Create a lush and decadent party with the help of Canard, Inc.

Dinner parties have become more defined in recent years — with food being such an en vogue topic, it’s nearly impossible to ignore all of the inspiring gourmet dishes chefs are rolling out in restaurants and at big-name events. 

Follow these tips to party greatness!

In order for a host or hostess to achieve artisanal status in their own homes, they should be taking a cue from the big leagues.

According to event director Kelven Book of New York City luxury catering company Canard, Inc., more and more food lovers are opting for elaborate dining alternatives, and are turning to caterers for help in creating something unique.

From seated dinners with multiple tasting courses to roving waiters with platters of unusual and appetizing tidbits, Book and his team have created and served one-of-a-kind dinners in response to the desire for elevated at-home dining.

Some of the more unusual and elaborate dinner parties they have produced include an all-white menu, a waiter for each guest, and guests seated at smaller tables with individual dinner buffets as the centerpiece.

Restaurants don't allow for this kind of elaborate individuality, and hosts are reveling in the ability to bring food to the center of attention with no special occasion in mind, other than celebrating friends and food.

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In order to create an individualistic and unique soirée of your own, take a cue from these tips from Book and Canard Inc.