8 Horrifying Wedding Cakes

What were these people thinking?

The image of a wedding cake is usually a towering creation covered in white curlicues of buttercream frosting, sugared flowers, and perhaps even white fondant spray-painted blue, a nod to the ocean for that seaside summer wedding.

Not a cake topped with skeletons, skulls, zombies, and blood.

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One could say their wedding day is the first day of the beginning of their life. The person standing across from you at the altar is the one you're to spend the rest of your life with, through sickness and health. Yet some still choose to celebrate the day with a design that suggests otherwise. And no, we're not talking about the deer-hunt-gone-wrong cake toppers. (Feeling humorous? This might be a light addition to a shotgun wedding.)  Rather, these are designs that, frankly, might have us waking in fits and starts all night long.

There is no shortage of creativity and talent here. Consider this fondant-covered cake that looks more like smoke than a solid shroud of gray, and topped just so with a spiderweb. Bone-chillingly creepy. Or this Aztec-inspired cake with a surprise taking the place of one of the lower layers — an eerie countenance that you might expect to appear in your nightmares (rather than when you're standing across from your love and cutting the cake). Yet none of these take the cake (pardon the pun) when compared to this cake. Yes, that's blood. Not what you'd expect to see on your wedding day. Even if the U2 song "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" is one of your favorites.

Click here to see the 8 Horrifying Wedding Cakes Slideshow.