8 Great Ice Cream Bowls

Take a scoop out of these dishes fit for all of the summer sundae-making that lies ahead

Scoop your favorite flavors into these awesome bowls!

Ice cream — the dessert of champions. Whether you’re a fan of the soft-serve from your trusty ice cream man or you like creating your own concoction from the good stuff in a carton at home, ice cream is the best.

Dig Into These Awesome Ice Cream Bowls!

While many will say that ice cream is the ultimate summer treat, we’re staying strong with our yearlong stance: ice cream is as enjoyable on a hot summer day as it is when you're bundled up under a pile of blankets. Well, for us it is anyway.

The fact still remains, however, that in order to fully enjoy a nice scoop — or seven — you need the right equipment, and by equipment, we mean an ice cream bowl.

Don’t fret over flavors — no one has just one favorite — but having a great bowl that’s deep enough for a double scoop and a bunch of toppings is clutch.


So before you head down the freezer aisle, pick up one of these for a great single-serving sundae or a few to make a party out of it.