8 Fourth of July Cocktail Recipes

Who needs beer when you can drink red, white, and blue cocktails?
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You'll love celebrating with these patriotic cocktails.

Look, we get it — when you're grilling up some burgers and brats for your Fourth of July, you're going to head for the ice-cold beer. We get that you think nothing is more U.S. of A. than a B-E-E-R. But when the beer goes flat and the burgers have disappeared, may we offer a classier option for your patriotic celebrations? Cocktails. 

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Red, white, and blue cocktails are the most colorful (and fun) way to get into the fireworks and festivities this year. Why settle for a Bud Light when you can reach for a Cucumber Peel cocktail (made with Chandon champagne), or a Strawberry Lime Rickey?

For those looking for something stronger (and who don't have to work the next day), a bourbon-infused cocktail will do the trick. And the newest party favorite for your Fourth of July barbecues: the Chandon Granite, a spoonful-sized frozen treat made with champagne. Frozen, it turns out like an alcoholic slushee — and we know you can get on board with that. 

Check out these cocktail recipes for your Fourth of July — after all, nothing is more American than the cocktail. Click here to see the pics and get the recipes to make your Fourth of July a (tastefully) boozy celebration. 

This post was originally published on July 2, 2012.