8 Foods That Taste Better as Leftovers

Make these foods ahead of time and simply reheat them for a delicious dish

These dishes taste better the next day.

Planning ahead and cooking the day before can sometimes be a hassle, but not only will you not be in a rush the day of, but the food will even taste better. There are certain foods that when given time, the flavors meld together creating a much tastier dish. We’ve rounded up the top foods to make ahead and reheat.

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The foods on this list are dishes that are cooked and mixed together largely in one pot or dish. This way, when the foods rest overnight, they have a chance to infuse one another, creating a more flavorful dish overall. Check out some of these foods and see how easy it can be to prepare a dish bursting with flavor.

If you know that you are expecting company or planning a party or holiday, these dishes are simple and easy to prepare the day before and are a snap to reheat. The depth of flavor created in each dish created by the melding and resting time overnight will be your little secret.

Browse through these foods and get cooking — and reheating. These dishes are simple and delicious, but the best part is that leftovers will be what you want to eat for dinner.    

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Emily Jacobs is the Recipe editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @EmilyRecipes.