70 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Bloom

A guide to outfitting your kitchen in everything floral, broken down by section, item, and price

These napkins are just one of the many ways that you can bring floral designs into your kitchen.

With the onset of spring, it seems the whole world is in bloom. Flowers have reappeared everywhere from city streets to boutique windows to magazine pages filled with prints, chairs, stilettos, and throws. In the past few weeks, spring centerpieces have reclaimed their place on the table, and peonies have found their way back into the bouquets of many a devoted follower. The infiltration of floral patterns and arrangements has provided a petal-filled backdrop to this dizzyingly pretty season, and here at The Daily Meal, we’re welcoming it with open arms.


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And while we dream of the table-ready bouquets and restaurant centerpieces that this season effortlessly brings, and we're already filling our own desk and sink vases with colorful tulips, hydrangeas, and other seasonal blooms, we couldn’t help but bring a little of this floral frenzy back to you. So in the spirit of spring, we’ve decided to unearth all the assets necessary to give your kitchen and dining space a complete and total floral makeover.

From counters to walls to sinks to drawers, we’ve found a way to inject even the most unassuming areas of dining life with these whimsical floral patterns. We’ve rounded up soap sets, knives, wallpaper, Tupperware, dish towels, and more — all outfitted in petals and blooms. Prices range from $4.95 to $498, making some of our finds splurges and some no-brainers, but all bring a little inspiration, if not a full-out shopping list, to the most used part of your home.

And after giving your kitchen this dose of happy, we’re positive the good mood will keep on flowing, to your recipes, family, guests, parties, and then right on back to you.

Click through to the slideshow to see our ideas for giving your kitchen a timeless floral makeover. 


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