7 Ways to Survive the #Limepocalypse

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7 Ways to Survive the #Limepocalypse

The lime dearth has caused quite the shake-up.

Bars and drinkers have been coping with an unexpected problem for the last few weeks.

It has affected Gimlets and Margaritas alike. Its name: the limepocalypse, as we call the current lime shortage here at Liquor.com HQ.

The lime dearth has caused quite the shake-up. Many bars and supermarkets are no longer carrying limes, and the cost of the fruit at some outlets has skyrocketed to more than a dollar apiece, making many drinks plain uneconomical.

Thankfully, limes aren’t the only citrus that tastes great in a drink. Let’s not forget as the lime-famished screaming gets louder: Plenty of classic cocktails use either lemon or orange juice.

Even during the darkest of lime times, there is still a ray of citrus sunshine.

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