8 Tiki Cocktails To Make At Home This Summer

As temperatures begin to rise during the steamy summer season, there's nothing like kicking back with a cold one — and we're not talking about those bikini-busting beers.

Tiki cocktails, which many drink experts claim first originated in the '30s when a Los Angeles bar decided to pay tribute to the South Pacific, have evolved over the years and continue to be popular among both social drinkers and curious patrons alike. And while the retro craze of Mad Men could have easily played a role in the tiki cocktail's modern comeback, there's more to the classic beach drink than offering a taste of the tropics.

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"Tiki culture has a deep cult following that spreads from baby boomers to modern-day mixologists," explains Paul Monahan, the national ambassador for Sailor Jerry Rum. The connection that inherently brings tiki drinks from New York to LA and in-between, is the undeniable history of rum in America."

"At Sailor Jerry Rum, we are able to hang our hat on Norman 'Sailor Jerry' Collins, and his direct tie to California in the '50s, most specifically his relationships and cultivation of Polynesian culture in mainland America," adds Monahan. "We are privilege to carry on both legacies with our 92-proof spiced rum in modern-day tiki culture."

While classic tiki drinks usually call for the usual rum and Polynesian-themed name, we're shaking things up this summer season by celebrating with new, noteworthy tropical-themed libations all guaranteed to keep you feeling cool. Why hop on a plane when you can experience your very own beachside trip at the local watering hole? Click ahead for the must-make tiki cocktails for summer.