Easter Bunnies

7 Things You Never Knew About the Easter Bunny

Learn the history behind Easter’s furry mascot
Easter Bunnies

These fluffy little bunnies have a lot of secrets.

Easter Sunday is celebrated by Christians around the world (the date varies according to the lunar calendar, and Eastern rite Christians compute the date differently). Religious observances aside, some people celebrate the holiday with hot cross buns, some celebrate with dyed Easter eggs, and some gorge themselves on Easter candy.

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Easter is actually one of the most revered and important holidays in the Christian faith. Many different denominations of Christianity celebrate it as the day when, according to the New Testament, Jesus Christ was resurrected from the dead three days after his crucifixion.

Some feel that people have lost the traditional reason behind celebrating Easter due to the massive amounts to candy and egg decorating. But these rituals are steeped in just as much tradition as the religious history behind this holiday, especially when it comes to Easter’s furry mascot.

The Easter Bunny is more than a creepy body suit at your local mall. Sure, you know that the Easter Bunny hops from house to house, delivering Easter baskets full of goodies and dyed eggs. But do you know how the Easter Bunny came to be associated with Easter and why he delivers those tasty eggs?


We found several interesting facts all about our favorite fluffy friend that will give you the low down on this beloved mascot.