7 Things Only People Who Can’t Cook Will Get

For those of us who can’t just whip up a quick snack

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Why is it so hard?

Season to taste. If I knew how to season anything I wouldn’t be using a cook book.
How much salt and pepper is the right amount?
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Attempting to make a recipe with more than four ingredients. Who actually has all of this stuff in their cabinets? I don’t even know what marjoram is.
Recipes call for so many ingredients.
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Attempting anything on Pinterest. You’re the person behind the popular #pinterestfails. Everything comes out lopsided and sad.
Pinterest fails.
(Credit: Melissa French)

Flipping an omelette. Or should we say, flipping some poorly scrambled eggs straight onto the ground? And the use-a-plate-to-flip-the-omelette trick? Doesn’t work.
Flipping omelets always ends in disaster.
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The bond you have with your microwave. Ninety percent of your meals come from your microwave and you have a pet name for it. We get it.
You and your microwave have a special bond.

Having a significant other who can cook. They know the way to your heart is through your stomach and actually enjoy making you dinner. Whereas when you try to return the favor, you have a panic attack and usually end up setting something on fire.
Having a significant other who can cook is a game changer.
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Delivery. When all else fails, and it usually does, delivery is your best friend. Seriously, the delivery guy knows you by name.
You love your delivery guy.
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